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“Permanent agriculture” or “permanent culture,” describes a design system for creating human settlements that function in harmony with nature while meeting local needs with abundance. Incorporating traditional knowledge, modern science, with the patterns and relationships of the living world, permaculture design is applicable to farms, gardens, organizations, towns, or urban neighborhoods.

The Benefits of Permaculture

The Prairie Landscape is dominated by agricultural production systems that have myriad adverse impacts. Alternative agricultural and building systems exist that are more holistic in approach, increase yields and explicitly seek to provide a balance between environment, economy and society. Permaculture is one such approach that has been widely adopted in more temperate regions but has yet to be systematically adapted to the Prairie context.


Permaculture at Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon Learning Centre is a three-acre evolving permaculture demonstration site. Using locally-available knowledge, the demonstration and training aims to empower community members with the means of designing and implementing highly productive, resilient and ecologically sound farming systems. in addition to the personal and social problem solving and organization skills to maximize the benefits to their community and the surrounding environment.

082214_LRCEGarlicBoots_SCarsonIf you are a student interested in community development, environment, sustainability, activism or agriculture and looking to gain experience with a grass-roots organization, Harvest Moon may have a place for you.

Whether you’re looking for an internship as part of a co-op program as part of your studies, or seeking out an internship independently, getting experience with a non-profit organization can be invaluable. Skills-sharing is an integral component to the Harvest Moon approach to education, whether you’re hoping to gain experience in non-profit management, event planning, graphic design, workshop facilitation, volunteer management, gardening, video editing …or anything else!

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Sustainable Agriculture Workshops

Sustainable agriculture is central to the Harvest Moon vision of healthy land and healthy communities. Workshops on sustainable agricultural are offered periodically to educate about the techniques and benefits associated with a more holistic approach to food production. Check the events calendar for upcoming workshops.