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Oral History

082414_LRCETeaParty_SCarsonClearwater has a unique and rich history which is widely unknown to a younger generation of residents and persons outside the community.

The Oral History Centre is leading a project to capture the stories and memories of the residents of Clearwater and the members of the Harvest Moon Society. Through a series of stories, podcasts and a walking tour of Clearwater, generations of listeners will be able to explore the resilience, ingenuity and spirit of volunteerism that defines Clearwater. In their own voices, community members will sketch the beginnings of the town and the evolution of the community witnessed during their lifetimes.

The project will also document the formation of the Harvest Moon Society, it’s benefits, challenges, and impact on the community.

For more information and to hear more stories about Harvest Moon Oral History, visit the Harvest Moon Oral History website.