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Healthy Land, Healthy Communities

That’s our motto at the Harvest Moon Society

The Harvest Moon Society is founded in the spirit of cooperation, community, camaraderie, and a shared interest in building a sustainable food system for future generations. Through partnership and consultation with the local residents of Clearwater, Manitoba the Harvest Moon Society purchased the town’s elementary school and converted the building and grounds into the Harvest Moon Learning Centre.

Harvest Moon Festival

Every September since 2002, The Perennial Harvest Moon Festival has celebrated healthy land and healthy communities in the town of Clearwater, Manitoba. The festival builds bridges between urban and rural people through music, educational workshops and gatherings of farmers and eaters. The Harvest Moon Festival supports the work of the Harvest Moon Society. By attending the festival you play a direct role of supporting the ongoing work of the Society.


A world in which healthy land and communities are celebrated by all, leading to equitable food systems, a sense of place, and care for the environment now and in generations to come.


To develop a learning center that works toward strengthening and building linkages between urban and rural areas, empowering communities while creating strategies and infrastructure to sustain community and environment. This will be carried out using a diversity of tactics focused on grassroots and participatory practices.

Board of Directors

Effective January 2019

  • Co-Chair: Robert Guilford, Clearwater MB
  • Co-Chair: Chris Lillies, Winnipeg MB
  • Treasurer: Cory Bellhouse, Winnipeg MB
  • Secretary: Jim Sanders, Winnipeg MB
  • Education Rep: Kalynn Spain, Winnipeg MB
  • Facilities Rep: Joe Gardiner, Clearwater MB
  • Festival Rep: Vivian Gosselin, Winnipeg MB
  • Rural Rep: Jennifer deGroot, Morden MB
  • Urban Rep: Lanny Gardiner, Winnipeg MB
  • Member At Large: Michelle Schram, Cartwright MB
  • Member At Large: Dixie Gardiner, Clearwater MB
  • Member At Large: Carson Koller, Manitou MB
  • Member At Large: Mackenzie Booker, Winnipeg MB

To contact the board of directors please email: info@harvestmoonsociety.org.